BIM Implementation

Lisa Laursen Design BIM Implementation

Lisa Laursen Design is a small architectural design studio in Boulder Colorado who was looking to move from a Computer Aided Drafting process to a Building Information Modeling process.  She was looking for a little help from the EvolveLAB team to help with the transition.  We helped her with her revit template, revit families, and custom computational schedules for doing Floor Area Ratios and Solar Studies.  She also does a fair amount of visualization within Revit now, so we also helped her dial in her Revit materials and image maps so she could take her client through the building in Revit while showing them different material options.  We are honored to call her a friend as well as client, and enjoy continuing to support her for anything she might need.

KGA Studio Architects BIM Implementation

KGA Studio Architects knew they needed to move to Revit, but didn't know how they were going to make it happen.  Their Associate Principal Kiley Baham approached EvolveLAB's Bill Allen for a guided implementation.  EvolveLAB's Garret Sletten helped build their Revit template, families, and shared parameters.

DTJ Design BIM Implementation

DTJ Design needed to switch their process from an AutoCAD workflow to a Revit delivery.  They needed a Revit template, Revit Families, and training for their staff.  The problem was is they had no BIM Manager nor anyone to help them with the transition.  EvolveLAB came in as a support arm ensuring a successful transition.  EvolveLAB is and continues to be DTJ Design's on-demand BIM Manager making sure that every team member has the tools and skills they need to succeed. 

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