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AI for Real Estate and Renovations: Transforming My Home with EvolveLAB Veras

As an enthusiast of both architecture and cutting-edge technology, I embarked on an exciting journey to renovate my new home using EvolveLAB Veras. This innovative AI tool has already revolutionized the way architects and designers approach their projects, and I was eager to see how it could help me reimagine the aesthetics and functionality of my personal space.

Exploring New Exterior Aesthetics

The house we were buying though had a really cool front architecture elevation, however it also had a rather unique color scheme: orange and green.

While it certainly stood out, I wanted to explore different exterior aesthetics to give it a fresh, modern look. With Veras, I could quickly visualize various design options without the hassle of manual sketches or having to model it up in SketchUp or Revit. Using Veras, I uploaded a photo of the house and began experimenting. I tried a variety of different color palettes and materials that transformed the exterior from quirky to modern. Whether it was a sleek monochrome look, a rustic wood siding, or adding a roof garden, Veras provided a multitude of options that I could tweak and refine. This process not only saved me time but also gave me confidence in making a decision that would enhance the curb appeal of our home.

Revamping the 1987 Kitchen

The kitchen, built in 1987, and was pretty inefficient and outdated.

I envisioned a space that was not only modern but also aligned with our design aesthetic. Veras became an invaluable tool in this redesign process. By uploading images of the current kitchen layout, I used Veras to explore various design elements such as cabinet styles, countertops, backsplashes, and lighting.

The AI's ability to generate realistic renderings allowed me to see how different combinations would look in real life. I played around with sleek white cabinetry, marble countertops, and stylish pendant lights until I found the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. The end result was a kitchen design that felt both timeless and contemporary, tailored to my tastes and needs.

Reimagining the Bathroom

Though the bathroom wasn't too bad in my opinion, I still wanted to see what was possible leveraging AI for bathroom remodels.

Veras made it incredibly easy to visualize a modern update. Again, starting with an image, I used Veras to experiment with different aesthetics until I found one I liked. The AI suggested various tile patterns, vanity styles, and fixtures that matched the look I was aiming for. From minimalist and clean to luxurious and ornate, the design possibilities were endless.

Veras helped me make informed decisions about color schemes, material choices, and even small details like mirror shapes and towel racks. The result was a bathroom design that felt like a personal sanctuary, blending style and practicality.

The Power of AI in Renovation

Using EvolveLAB Veras for my home renovation ideas has been a game-changer. The ability to quickly visualize different design options and make informed decisions has streamlined the ideation process, making it more efficient and enjoyable. This experience has solidified my belief in the power of AI to transform not just professional projects but personal spaces as well.

If you're considering a renovation or simply curious about how AI can enhance your design process, I highly recommend exploring what Veras has to offer. It's a tool that brings creativity and technology together, empowering you to create spaces that truly reflect your vision and lifestyle. To try Veras for yourself visit

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I've always struggled with visualizing design changes, especially with color schemes and materials. I might give it a try for my next project. geometry dash lite



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