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Use Dynamo to Quickly Transfer Parameters Values in Revit

This week, I am working on a model that consists of about 800 panels and this Dynamo script was needed to transfer a parameter value from one parameter to another. More specifically, I had a family instance parameter that needed to be changed to a shared parameter so that it could be scheduled.

In order to do this, I first had to specify the category and the parameters that I was looking for. In this case, that meant that I had to specify that I was looking for the Curtain Panel elements. I was trying to transfer the Panel Material to the Panel Infill Material.

Once I had what I wanted to do specified, I could then go ahead and grab all of the elements within the specified Curtain Panel category. Then I grabbed the Panel Material Parameter value so that I could pass it along to the Panel Infill Parameter. That successfully completed the transfer that I was looking for.


Check out the full video below to learn more


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