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Update Revit Dimension Types With Dynamo - Way Faster Wednesday

In this example, we are leveraging the power of Dynamo to auto-update all dimension styles in Revit project. This tedious tasks can be automated with a little visual programming. Enjoy!

About the Author:

As design technology fanatic, Ben has been a vital driver for computational design, process management and standardization. With a gamut of technological avenues at his disposal, he has successfully identified and executed appropriate solutions for a robust set of project deliveries. His architectural background, knowledge of BIM platforms and software engineering allows for a technological bridge that is critical to being effective in the computational design paradigm. As a husband and father, Ben enjoys going on hikes with his wife and daughter and occasional archery range sessions. With Ben's experience in C# and Python, he has experience writing custom Revit Add-ins and stand alone software to help tie the AEC market together. If you have custom add-in or tool you are itching to have built, please reach out to Ben as he is excited to start helping flex is coding muscles and come up with a solution for you.

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