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Why EvolveLAB?

"We are trying to raise not only the ceiling but also the floor, the industry as a whole, and make the entire industry more productive, more efficient, and more progressive." -Bill Allen, EvolveLAB CEO

EvolveLAB Founder and CEO, Bill Allen, sat down to talk about how his team is working hard at changing the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The trades have remained relatively stagnant over the last 50 years, while other industries have adopted new technology and digitized at a much faster pace. It's no secret. In October of 2018, Fortune magazine claimed, "Productivity growth in the industry has averaged just 1% each year over the past two decades, compared with a 2.8% growth rate for the global economy as a whole."

EvolveLAB believes in disrupting the current processes in place to help the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industry move forward and be more productive. We see the opportunity for the industry to be more productive and more progressive. We believe the future of BIM fosters data-driven solutions that help inform decision making, resulting in firms becoming more profitable. EvolveLAB sees this happening through automation, computational design, parametric design, and more.

EvolveLAB is dedicated to providing architects, contractors, and engineers free educational content monthly. We offer training videos, webinars, white papers, and Dynamo scripts. The topics we focus on range from technology for architecture, construction, MEP, and more.

EvolveLAB is a computational design and BIM consulting firm. Like our free educational content, our services also cover a wide span of the sectors; from parametric design, software training, 3D coordination, manufacturing solutions, custom software solutions, custom scripts, to reality capture. No matter the size of the firm or sector, EvolveLAB is here to help the AEC industry.



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