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Learn Revit for Free

Looking to brush up your Revit skills? Here's 5.5 hours worth of free Revit training on a variety of topics that we've created over the last 3 years. Learn about modeling buildings from point clouds, going from Grasshopper to Revit, and tips and tricks you didn't know before. Have a recoomendation for a topic for a future video? Drop it in the comments! EvolveLAB is at your service.

Are free videos not enough? Check out our custom Revit Training. Or you can contact Daniel Allen directly here!

The Revit Matrix - Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know Existed (59 Minutes)

Have you ever been frustrated with limitations within Revit? Have you ever wanted to bend the rules of reality, and get Revit to bend to your will? In this Lab Live session, we will look at a series of Hacks, Tips, and Tricks within Revit that you didn't know existed. Even the most seasoned Revit user is guaranteed to find some nuggets in this session as we dive deep into the Matrix that is Revit. Join us as EvolveLAB's Founder Bill Allen teaches how to leverage Revit to do some pretty amazing things that you didn't know you could do.

The Autodesk Revit Conceptual Massing Environment (34 Minutes)

This video summarizes some of the possibilities when working in the Revit Conceptual Massing Environment.

How to Make Revit Templates Rocks (56 minutes)

Most people struggle with Revit templates. What should they have in them? What should they not have in them? Should they include most of our firms Revit content? What if your firm designs single family residential AND commercial projects? Should you have one template for each practice group? These are the type questions we will answer.

Augment Your BIM Lighting Design Workflow (47 Minutes)

Learn how to optimize and automate your lighting design workflow inside of Revit. Use the latest tools to quickly generate accurate lighting specifications and point-by-point calculations. Automatically transfer and access valuable lighting BIM data in an immersive experience to help you augment your design decisions.

A Story-Time Fairy Tale: Case Studies on Designing Theme Parks with BIM (52 Mintues)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is great for large commercial projects with conventional geometry, but what about modeling an architectural Mayan ruins site that's been excavated, or modeling themed columns with adjacent rockwork, or pulling quantities for a mountain? These are some of the challenges we faced when considering Revit software for our theme park projects. Come and listen as we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our lessons learned when taking on these unconventional projects, and how we overcame the problems. This is the story of a firm's quest to design a Mayan theme park in Revit, and how that firm used Revit to set in motion best practices for all its subsequent theme park projects.​

Scan to BIM (41 Minutes)

EvolveLAB and On Point Scans are teaming up to show you a complete workflow from scanning to modeling. Join hosts Jake Spasaro and Cassandra Vagher they cover different types of scanning and then what to do with the point clouds in Autodesk Recap and Revit.​

Push Grasshopper Geometry Into Revit (46 Minutes)

Learn how to create parametric relationships in grasshopper. Understand how to take those parametric relationships, and push them into revit using the add-in hummingbird.



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