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Revit for Small Firms - An Interview with Lisa Laursen Design

We hear it all the time, "My firm is too small for Revit." While small Architecture firms usually think this way, they are misinformed. Moving away from AutoCAD can improve your efficiency and make your job more enjoyable, whether you're on the commercial or residential side. We sat down with Lisa Laursen Design this week to understand how learning and implementing Revit into her workflow has bettered her business.

Lisa Laursen Design is a small residential architecture firm based out of Boulder, Colorado. Five years ago she decided to move from AutoCAD to Revit, after struggling through the learning curve she turned to EvolveLAB for help. Lisa claims that Revit has increased her efficiency and she enjoys working in Revit, claiming it's much more "fun." (The #BIMgeeks at EvolveLAB would agree with the last statement).

Lisa still works with EvolveLAB on Revit Family creation, Revit templates, and visualization improvements, continually learning more to keep her business up to date and competitive.

Watch the interview here:



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