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LABLive: Monopoly In Revit - Showcasing the Power of Dynamo

Forget the technical talk for a session and come build the world’s most popular board game Monopoly in Revit. This Lab Live is designed to benefit a wide variety of Revit users who are seeking to learn Dynamo. We will cover a wide range of topics that utilize different aspects of Dynamo’s capabilities. Learn the similarities between Revit workflows and a game of Monopoly. We will build the game ’s database using Revit Categories and Families. Watch Dynamo set up the game, manage the database and even move the players. Everyone understands and can relate to the rules and goals of this classic board game. This Lab Live will leave you looking at Revit, Dynamo, and your workflows in new ways. Since its the sessions for giving, our gift to you is a beautiful 3D working game ready for you to explore the code, challenge your co-workers and show them what you’ve learned.



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