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Don't Miss Autodesk University Twice

It's another year in the books, and Autodesk University is behind us....or is it? If you didn't attend, you don't want to miss it twice! If you did attend, there are some great resources to make you look AMAZING at the office. Below are the recordings and data sets for the sessions we led as well as a few others we thought you would like to know about!

FormIt to Project Fractal: The Future of Making Things Is Here
FormIt, Revit, Dynamo, BIM, Fractal, Autodesk University
Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand What Steps Are Needed to Push Your Designs From Dynamo Into Fractal

  • Learn How to Interact With Your Data in The Fractal Environment

  • Learn How To Move Your Designs Into FormIt For Further Refinement

  • Learn How To Convert Your Geometry Into REAL Revit Objects Once Optimized


Generative design is here. Harness the power of option engineering with Dynamo Studio software and Project Fractal. Create thousands of options in seconds. Scroll through your options, and optimize your design per the constraints that you control in Project Fractal. Once a design has been finalized, take that design and push it into FormIt software for further refinement, or into Revit software for documentation and data harvesting. We'll demonstrate the entire process, showing you step by step how to accomplish these tasks and more. You don't want to miss this demonstration as we discuss the future (present) of making things.

Flexible Families: Learn to Make Your Families Stretch Like Never Before
Free Revit Training Families
Key Learning Objectives
  • Learn new methods to enable 3D grip handles in Revit families

  • Learn new methods to control visibility of grip handles in Revit families

  • Learn to control location of grips in Revit families

  • Learn how to create formula drive grip handles


Have you ever created a parametric Revit family and wanted to have more control of the shape handles? Have you wanted to see the grip handles in 3D, control their visibility, or even control where they're located within the family? Are you tired of seeing what seems like hundreds of reference planes? This hands-on lab will teach you built-in Revit methods that let your Revit families flex like never before. Multiple, positionable 3D grip handles for sliding doors, grip handles that are formula drivers, and grip handles with visibility are just a couple of the examples we'll cover in this lab. So let's have some fun by giving the infamous reference plane a little bit of a break, and get our hands dirty with awesome stretch methods that have been hiding in the Revit Family Editor all along!

Computational Workshop-Advanced
Free Dynamo Training
Key Learning Objectives
  • Getting Crazy With Dynamo Player

  • Shipping Nodes and Custom Package Creation

  • Advance List Manipulation

  • Data Visualization

  • Animation Strategies With Dynamo

  • Optioneering With Dynamo Studio and Fractal


If you have experience in Revit software and Dynamo software, and you want to take your Dynamo skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. Learn advanced skills to combine computational design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We'll use Dynamo to create customized functions, improve building performance, and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and geometry tools in sophisticated ways. Some familiarity with Dynamo basics like list manipulation, geometry creation, and Revit interaction is required. This is a full-day class, including networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch, and drinks. This year we're also introducing a forum at the end of the day that will feature several speakers talking about practical applications of Dynamo to both instruct and inspire.

Computational Workshop-Beginner
Free Dynamo Training
Key Learning Objectives
  • Getting Started with Dynamo and Dynamo Player

  • Understanding Dynamo Logic and Program Execution

  • Working with Elements in Revit

  • Working with Revit Families

  • Importing/Exporting from Excel into Dynamo to Get/Set Parametersl


Combine logic, geometry, math, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We’ll use Dynamo to drive a Revit document and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and modeling tools. If you already have some experience with Revit and are looking to expand its capabilities with computation, this workshop is for you. Basic understanding of computer programming and scripting is helpful, but not required.

Dynam(o)ite Your Architectural Design-Optimization of Facade Panels
Free Dynamo Training
Key Learning Objectives
  • Create optimized concepts of facades with Dynamo Studio and FormIt

  • Learn to optioneer the facade panel layout with Dynamo Studio and Project Fractal

  • Create dynamic panels on a complex facade with Dynamo and Revit

  • Link the final design to fabrication technologies for 3D printing and assembling of parametric systems


In this class you will discover an innovative way to optimize your complex facade panel layout into a constructible and manufactureable organism. You will get wondered by the effect and result when computational design is introduced in a "Architectural Fabrication Workflow." A workflow which will guide you through the whole process from design till fabrication for dynamic facade panels, by using the AEC Industry Collection. During this session you will understand how FormIt, Dynamo Studio, Dynamo Customizer, Project Fractal and Revit are the keys to success in defining an optimized facade layout, automating the panel placement, using analysis results to drive panel dynamics and finally also link the design with fabrication technologies.


We hope you enjoy these free resources! If you are ready to take your BIM training to the next level, reach out Bill at



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