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(FormIt + Dynamo + Revit) * Project Fractal

It is not just about a single monolithic product these days. For all of us in AEC, we know the name of the game is getting a bunch of apps to work together - much like the conductor of an orchestra. We will demonstrate how we make beautiful music by passing data between a variety of tools, including FormIt, Dynamo, Revit and even Project Fractal - which is not even released yet! Table of Contents: 01:53 - Who is EvolveLab? 03:36 - Bill's Form Finding Dynamo 20:11 - John's repeatable panels 28:55 - Creating Options in Fractal 34:47 - Images to create patterns 43:57 - Slats from a surface 55:06 - A sneak peak at the next release of FormIt



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