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Prefabricate Your Pet

There is a lot of hype these days about 3d printing and prefabrication in general. There are many advantages including lower construction waste, lower construction cost, and higher efficiency in building performance.

At EvolveLAB, we are excited to announce that we are bringing these same principals to the animal kingdom. We are excited to be offering a new innovative service.

3D Printed Pets.

Why use old fashioned methods that include having your pets biologically bred when you could have them 3D printed? There are many advantages to pre-fabricated pets similar to construction including but not limited to minimal dog waste, no need for walking (less energy consumption), and they are less expensive to feed.

Marcello may be modeling 3D cows and we are laser cutting them.

Let our dynamo experts make your dream of owning a cardboard buddy a reality.

To take advantage of this new innovative service, please reach out to us at!

If you would like to prefabricate your own pet, feel free to use this dynamo script -!Avd-6xjpUFd6h5ZMsK0tvyElReRLLA



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