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Odds are if you’re reading this you know the future of BIM is very bright. With the range of BIM solutions including photogrammetry, Navisworks clash detection, the interoperability with respect to Revit and Rhino/Grasshopper, Dynamo, and 3D scanning, the network that is being mapped within the BIM infrastructure is innovating at an astounding rate. In such an environment, our team at EvolveLab has the goal of raising our clients’ standards in order to deliver cutting edge technology (which happens to be the core goal of the BIM directive) and increase the value of the clients’ end products.

With this blog post, we’re kicking off a blog series to share with the BIM community, both new and old, a transformational approach to both implementing and developing their BIM workflow. Of utmost importance to us here at the ‘Lab’ is the optimizing of BIM workflows and encouraging our clients to adopt the current industry best practices.

Over the next several weeks, this blog series, “The Many Faces of BIM”, will offer a review of many different aspects and components of various BIM software and workflows. To kick off this series we’ll start our focus with Revit, arguably the biggest player in the BIM game to date.


Initially released in 2000, Autodesk Revit is an elaborate collaboration tool that brought together many different disciplines with the hope that 3D modeling could create modeling at a higher dimensionality. With Phasing and Design Options, automatic schedule creation, and intensive model analytics, many things that were tedious, such as tasks which ran at less-than-optimal efficiency, have become much more manageable by Autodesk Revit. Stakeholders in the AEC, Construction & VD+C, and related disciplines have come running, as they can all benefit from the increased efficiency of a 3D modeling program.

Likewise, you can develop and optimize your workflow too! EvolveLab represents an expert team of BIM professionals that can sit down and discuss how Autodesk Revit or any of the expansive BIM software and hardware solutions can improve your team and your business today.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to send us a message through our website, email, or give us a call at (720) 829-7015!



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