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Adapt As An Architect

In this interview we will talk to Randy Deutsch about his new book Adapt As An Architect

Some are not sure how they arrived on the path they are on, while others may want to explore how to get off their current path to try another within their organization or field without making any unnecessary or catastrophic career missteps. Some, through no fault of their own – especially with the current pandemic and economic recession, may have been forced off their path for unforeseen reasons, and are wondering which way to turn or what their next steps ought to be to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The book’s premise is simple: how to make the most of your career prospects without having to leave the profession or industry. Adapt As an Architect explores how to persevere as a practitioner while remaining rejuvenated, relevant and resilient – without losing sight of how to leverage and capitalize on existing knowledge and skills.

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