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Project Support

DTJ Design was endeavoring to begin their first ever Revit project, and was looking for some help from the EvolveLAB team.   It was a complicated design which was comprised of Mayan and oriental modeling.  EvolveLAB contributed to the projects success through 3D modeling, building information management, content creation.

Computational Design For Harley-Davidson

This Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership in Parker, CO was ready for expansion, and with it, a new design.  The dealership will feature a unique facade and roof design and a transformation of the interior and exterior to capture the edge of the Harley-Davidson experience.  EvolveLAB helped RE: Architecture parametrically model the facade.

1,000,000 Square Feet Modeling of Medical Center

EvolveLAB helped Alley Poyner Macchitetto Architecture model nearly 1,000,000 square feet of existing structure and architecture building so the team could successfully renovate the hospital to a new 700 apartment and retail space.  Image courtesy of Alley Poyner Macchitetto Architecture.

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