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Ames Hardt

Design Application Specialist

Ames has long held a deep fascination with technology, beginning to code as early as 12 to design personalized Xanga layouts with HTML and CSS. After graduating, with a specialization in Digital Design, Ames began training as an architect. While learning the ropes, it became clear how many ways software like Revit was lacking. Leaving life as an architect behind, Ames is begins a new role as Design Technology Specialist, tasked with optimizing clients' and firms’ workflows by implementing the use of software like Dynamo to automate the “boring” tasks, leaving more time for staff to focus on design! In order to further expand the capabilities of Revit and Dynamo, Ames delved deeper into the world of programming, using C# and Python to develop custom add-ins and nodes tailored to the needs of a firms’ production staff.

Outside of work, Ames enjoys cooking with their partner, spoiling their cat, and designing anything from silly t-shirts to promotional material for their friends. They can often be found playing video games, lifting weights, or working in their garden in the summer.

Ames Hardt
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