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We believe in disrupting the current processes that are in place in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry by creating a better way to design and build buildings.  We believe that there is an untapped opportunity to optimize your project and automate processes by way of using computational design and option engineering.  We believe in open source tools and that by sharing them with you, we will make you and your firm more efficient.  We believe that everyone has something to teach and that by collaborating with you, together we will fulfill our mission to leave this world better than when we arrived.

Why We Help


          How We Help

We work with you and your team to understand exactly what your needs are and create customized solutions to fit your requests.  We mentor architects, interior designers, contractors, and owners by providing training workshops, conferences, and having one on one conversations.

            What We Help With

We author custom tools including dynamo scripts, web dashboards, and Revit Add-ins.  We implement BIM processes by creating Revit templates, Revit families, and custom schedules.  We help on projects through the way of building information modeling, setup, and execution.  We use data-driven design to optimize building decisions.  We provide training workshops, firm assessments, and custom software solutions to fit your needs.

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Got a project you need a proposal on?  Need a data-driven solution?  Got a burning question you want to ask?  We want to hear from you.  Fill out the form below!


          Free Membership

We love to share.  Access our free training videos, Dynamo Scripts, LAB Apps, EvolveLAB community forum.  Through our community, you will find the answer you are looking for, and the comradery to learn these new processes together!




Andy White

OZ Architecture

“Over the last 18 months, EvolveLAB has advanced OZ Architecture's already robust BIM environment.  I found for every hour of EvolveLAB's time we could save 5 to 10 hours in our 80 person design and production studio, thru advanced content, tools, training and reducing duplication of effort across teams.  I appreciate their continued support of our needs."

Seraphim Mullins

Alley Poyner Machietto

"The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable, and had ideas that could increase the effectiveness of revit for us."

Dave Williams

DTJ Design

"EvolveLAB has been instrumental in DTJ DESIGN’S transition to the BIM world.  Their expertise was a key factor in our evolution being seamless and efficient.  Their leadership made all the difference in our ability to hit the ground running on one of the largest projects in our office at the time.  EvolveLAB continues to provide outstanding training and the tools we need to advance our immersion in this environment."

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